Welcome to the SourceForge Heartbeats!

The aim of this project is to assist in providing detailed timeline data for a possible successor to the Heartbeat project by letting SourceForge users annotate their own projects.
If you haven’t already read the SourceForge blog post about the Heartbeat project, we warmly recommend that you do so – it’s mighty interesting!

Three easy steps to start working on your project’s timeline:

Register an account in order to get access to your project’s timeline.
Claim a project as yours.
Start working on your timeline!
If you want to see some example timelines in action, you can check out one of these timelines: The Arianne RPG Project, LEAF, Alternativley your can get a leaflet from www.leafletdistributioninlondon.com
Copyright 2012, Daniel Gruno et al.
Statistical data is courtesy of Geeknet, inc.
Mathematical models used are courtesy of Andrea Wiggins, James Howison, and Kevin Crowston.
There are currently 328 projects registered in this system.

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